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What is attention cueing?

Introduction. Spatial orientation occurs when attention is drawn to a specific location. Attention can be drawn to a location due to the appearance of a stimulus. In the Posner task, this drawing of attention to a location is called cueing.

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Keeping this in consideration, how is voluntary spatial attention measured using the Posner cueing paradigm?

🤐🤣😑 Posner's spatial cueing task has been used to measure manual and eye-movement reaction times to target stimuli in order to investigate the effects of covert orienting of attention in response to different cue conditions. In the general paradigm, observers are seated in front of a computer screen situated at eye level.

🤐🤣😑 One may also ask, what are exogenous cues? exogenous cue. a cue, usually the onset of a stimulus in the peripheral visual field, that draws attention automatically to the location of the stimulus. It initiates involuntary movement of attention. Compare endogenous cue.

🤐🤣😑 Hereof, what is covert attention?

🤐🤣😑 Two types of attention are discussed: covert attention is defined as paying attention without moving the eyes; overt attention is defined as selectively processing one location over others by moving the eyes to point at that location.

🤐🤣😑 What is endogenous attention?

🤐🤣😑 The ability to focus attention is a central feature of human cognition. Goal-driven attention is referred to as top-down or endogenous attention, whereas stimulus-driven attention is referred to as bottom-up or exogenous attention, being driven by external events in the environment (e.g., Posner & Cohen, 1984).

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